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Piper comanche speed mods

The added wingtip recognition lights add "see and be seen" safety improvements over the single nose landing light of the Piper Cherokee's. Sep 03, 2018 · Roy LoPresti introduces the Comanche Speed Spat in 1991. These include a 1/4-inch The Comanche line debuted in 1958, with the Comanche 180 and 250 models. Captain Young is a family man who believes that the converted Piper Apache is a true bargain with quite an impressive, near-airliner comfort, true four-passenger capacity, good reliability, reasonable speed numbers as well as one of the market’s most benign single-engine flight characteristics typical of a light twin. I know it's quite fast with about 160 kts cruise speed, 6 seats, and long range because of tip tanks. Apache Modification Aircraft Corp. The Comanche wing root fairing originally conceived by Piper for the sleek Comanche 400. 95 Piper Comanche Service Manual PA-24-180/250/260/400 $13. has been manufacturing and selling these modifications since 1984 and we have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. net), made the Piper Twin Comanche some 20 MPH faster with speed mods he designed. The empty weight is 2,110 lbs and the gross weight is 3,600 lbs. The 185 knot cruise speed you mention as published by Piper is at 65% power and at gross weight of 3600 pounds. By the mid 70's, they added a kit to put weights on the ends of the stabilator. Piper built 148 Comanches with an eight-cylinder, 400 hp engine up front. Used Piper PA-24-400 Comanche 400 Single Engine Piston Aircraft for sale on AirplaneMart. Mar 24, 2020 · In a famous song from the 1970s, the artists sang about how there are many different types of signs located everywhere. Whether you're looking for a business, personal or trainer class aircraft, Piper Aircraft has a plane for you. Extended fuel tanks. Performance STC Modifications PA-28 (PIPER CHEROKEE) SA1227CE approves the installation of the new style dorsal fin to replace the old “Nixon nose” fairing on the following airplanes: PA-28-140, -150, -160, and -180. Montana Diamond Aire Inc. PA 24-260 , Serial No. . These appear to be plastic/fiber glass fairings that attach to the wing and smooth out the airflow around flaps, elevators, and ailerons. While there certainly are lots of different types of signs being utilized today, each type serves a particular purpose. 8TT, 269. 1,142 180's were built. With tip tanks, the aircraft holds 120 gallons (454 l) of fuel. com. The Piper. The reduced drag also provides extra range because when you fly faster on the same power  Piper Aircraft Mods. Now, honestly folks, when it comes to speed mods I'm as skeptical as the rest of you. The Piper wing and tail mods supplied by Laminar Flow Systems, Inc. The first Twin Comanche PA-30 was delivered in 1963 and over 2,000 were manufacturer through 1972. 1959 PIPER COMANCHE 180 N6364P Serial Number 24-1474 Airframe :Total Time: 4197. Question about some of these mods, in particular gap seals. FELLOW COMANCHE OWNERS AND OPERATORS: JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. Piper PA-30, Twin Comanche performance. Maybe not a factor with most singles but was a big time saver for me in choosing between a Baron 58 and Piper Aztec. ” Sep 09, 2018 · Generally, airplanes with higher cruise speeds have various speed-boosting mods. SPEED Flap SPATS reduce the drag caused by the retracted but somewhat exposed main gear wheels and tires. 95 Part # 753-516 An economic Piper Cherokee. Apr 15, 2016 · Piper was going broke selling comanches, which led to the cherokee, designed solely as a cost-reduction and parts-count-reduction airplane compared to the comanche. I have completed the fuselage and the two wings. A total of 1,143 were built. We have been in the Aviation Support Business since 1947 and have a reputation for Quality, Reliability, and Service. For over 65 years, we’ve had exceptional milestones that demonstrate our dedication to constant innovation, and we’ve never been more excited for the future. The Seneca is designed specifically for the owner-operator of advanced, high-performance, twin-engine aircraft, integrating an extraordinary combination of industry-leading safety tools, the latest Garmin 1000® NXi avionics and the most thoughtful, intuitive and Very fast airplane with all the speed mods makes this a great cross country plane that is very comfortable to fly. 7 lph) with a cruise speed of 165 kts. Piper PA28- 151 and 181. Piper Comanche 250 ©2010 Axenty Aviation LLC Piper Comanche 250 ©2010 Axenty Aviation LLC This checklist was based on the POH/AFM, however no guarantee is made for Oct 28, 2018 · piper external power receptacle, tanis engine preheater, knots to u speed mods, dual glide slopes, kool scoop, pilot toe brakes, tail strobe, 4 cylinder egt gauge, cabin cover, hat rack, throttle quadrant, circuit breakers, 12 v cigar lighter receptacle, gust lock, flat card compass, All of the Piper nose cowl mods are by Knots2U and are designed for the PA-30/39 Twin Comanche airplanes. Safety is Piper’s foremost priorityas illustrated by the extraordinary safety features available across the Piper product line. We invite you to look around and come see why we have the best made, lowest priced and best warranty of any modifications available for your Piper. 2 • ­Comanche Flyer MAY 2015 Comanche will outperform it in range, payload, room, and cost of operation. away 1960 PIPER COMANCHE 180: "Pride-in-ownership" truly shines in this beautiful IFR/GPS/Stormscope equipped PA-24-180 Comanche 180! It´s owner loves Piper Comanche´s and is now moving up to a Twin Comanche. By 1957 the new design, which was christened the "Comanche," had sucked up its retractable gear and was an airborne idea. had different Gross Weights, from 2900 to 3200 lbs. If you installed all the speed mods, it appears the added speed benefit would give you an airplane with 300- knot cruise speeds — if the claims are to be believed. Piper was still throwing together rag and tube as late as 1961, the last year of Tri-pacer production and long after it was obvious a change was in order. As a result, the Owner’s Handbook published by Piper is incomplete by modern standards. My son and I were co-owners in a Piper Cherokee 140 that had the full suite of speed mods: wheel fairings, strut fairings, Horner design wing tips, aileron gap seals and flap gap seals. LoPresti Speed Merchants designs and manufactures modifications to dramatically improve the performance of Piper (Cherokee, Comanche, Arrow, Seneca,  21 Oct 2016 We surveyed the speed mod market—it's vast—and found that while the Piper Twin Comanche some 20 MPH faster with speed mods he  30 Aug 2018 Generally, airplanes with higher cruise speeds have various speed-boosting mods. We purpose-built this model from the ground up to take advantage of all the new features of XPlane 11: FMOD Sounds: We built the sound system using FMOD Studio and XPlane 11's new sound engine. Two Comanche owners have ordered theirs since seeing mine. Bartelt Aviation has been installing LoPresti Speed Modifications for Now, honestly folks, when it comes to speed mods I'm as skeptical as the rest of you. I get why this would be a good thing. pn: 0743609-8 itemid: 37014 cessna - speed fairing-nose gear fiberglass (cracked see details) 0743609-10 cover plate assembly $250. com - Used Airplanes, Aircraft Sales, Used Planes For Sale, Used Aircraft For Sale, Airplane Classifieds, Aircraft Classifieds, Used Airplanes For Sale, Jet for Sale, Helicopters for Sale, Business Jet For Sale 1962 Piper Comanche 250 - N7711P. Most Piper PA-24-250 “Comanches” had carbureted Lycoming O-540-AIA5 engines, but a small number were fitted out with fuel-injected Piper Aircraft has always offered some of the best aviation values in the sky. 4 MPH Speed Increase. The new prop also feature's Hartzell's scimitar shaped tip sweep and an airfoil designed to provide flight performance improvements over the original equipment two-bladers. Lafayette St. with DME, and a stormscope. The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche design started with the single-engined PA-24 Comanche, a laminar-winged rocket which itself was a breakaway from the sturdy but slow aircraft that Piper was famous for at the time−such as the Cub, the Cherokee and the Apache. The Twin Comanche is the most fuel efficient aircraft in its class. Search more Piper airplanes on Hangar67. Sure. Posted by. 24-4300 and up were delivered with optional 5th and 6th seat. Apr 25, 2003 · PIQUA, Ohio — April 25, 2003 Hartzell Propeller Inc. Eagle XP Speed Cowling 12,000 3 Blade Prop All Speed Gap Mods Electric Trim Rudder Trim Alternate Air Source Alternate Vacuum The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche is a twin-engined four- to six-seat touring aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. PA24-260( ) Comanche. Modifying a standard Cessna Pressurized 210 airframe with the installation of a Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine, is only the first step in what results in a totally re-manufactured aircraft, known as The Silver Eagle. 3 Engine :Since Major Overhaul: 1840. The A2A model 250 has the carbureted Lycoming O-540-AIA5 engine with 3-position manually operated Dec 28, 2010 · I had a B55 Colemill Baron, the Comanche costs about 1/2 (or less) of what that one cost to operate. 30NB. your mods would have to allow a gain of 20 knots or more. Parts listed on this page are from a salvaged 1961 Piper PA24-180 Year: 1966: Make: PIPER: Model: PA-30 CR: Price: $109,500 USD: Registration: N732CA: Serial Number: 30-1086: Total Time: 3420 TT: Engine: LEFT: 37 SMOH RIGHT: 256 SMOH The most important speed mods available actually were Piper factory improvements. We also offer embossing, de-bossing and embroidery services. Time and again we prove the airspeed indicator is honked up, and the airplane actually 1966 Piper Comanche 260B Own one of the fastest, fuel efficient, single engine planes on the market. In the single engine turboprop market, the Silver Eagle is the best value available. Knots 2 U, Inc. Mar 25, 2019 · A2A Simulations have been around for some time, creating engaging and exciting aircraft modifications that manage to really capture the little things that make simulation such a fun thing to be a part of. See what a new Top Prop performance propeller conversion can do to make it even better. PPL. (616/526-9646) leads the pack, with no fewer than 10 speed mods. In 1958 Piper introduced a 250-horsepower (186 kW) version using a Lycoming O-540 engine, giving the PA-24-250 Comanche a top cruise speed of 160 kn (185 mph; 298 km/h). Piper PA-24 Comanche speed modifications. Low speed handling is also noticeably improved. The design included a laminar flow wing complete with flush rivets to reduce drag, a stabilior, and a swept tail. It will feature full VC, real sounds and real world textures. STC Included. Comanche 260 were built with Carburetors, Fuel Injected and Turbo. 5 gal hour. Because of its high altitude wing, the Comanche benefits more than most from this great leap into the 21st century. 5 hours L/H Engine: 565. WAT Speed Spats are worth 4 MPH in cruise speed at 75% power. 5. Doors Moving back to the cabin door, there are several mods that have been fitted in this area. 12 Aug 2015 Speed mods could be an article all unto themselves. Skipping a fuel stop can save you 30 minutes on a trip. SPEED SPATS reduce the drag caused by the retracted but somewhat exposed main gear wheels and tires. These two models remained in production until 1964. See the price, spec and contact the seller of this 1965 Piper Comanche 260B for sale. It has an economy cruise of 155 knots with a range of over 1200 miles, and a high speed cruise at over 165 knots! Bill Cox. Call us to learn more. Now, even things up a bit by limiting the gross weight of the Comanche 400 to that of the ES, then certify the ES, then design it in 1963 using slide rulers and paper and More speed, same fuel burn. Let's face it: if the claims of all of the kit manufacturers were truly additive, some aircraft out  It's really a treat to see a Comanche 250 cruise so fast, especially after all my doubts. Subsequent Comanche models — both single- and twin-engine — were built until 1972. 1966 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche CR; Aircraft Type: Multi Engine Propeller: SPEED MODS *If the price does not contain the notation that it is the total price, the Aircraft for sale at ADN - FindAircraft. If you want to go faster you are just going to have to add a bigger Whelen Aerospace Technologies represents a rich history in technological innovations and is now positioned as the global leader in the aerospace lighting market. Piper manufacturer speed mods increase speed and lower Jul 05, 2010 · Piper PA-24 Comanche showing off the stunning approach into Nelson, British Columbia CZNL - Duration: 2:40. Our services and products are creative, cost-effective, and unique for each customer. Running strong and smooth. very nice and meticulously maintained !! -- 1967 piper comanche 260b , last annual 12/14 knots 2 u / lopresti speed mods registration # n9236p , serial # 24-4735 ,,,,, tt 5078 , The useful in the straight tail Lance is still around 1600. Cessna 172R and SP with Lycoming O-360 and IO-360. 10; vFlyteAir PA30 Twin Comanche. Piper PA-30 B Twin Comanche : Horsepower: 160: Gross Weight: 3600 lbs: Top Speed: 178 kts 1959 Piper Comanche - N6056P. RN: 8238D. I saw cruise speeds at our lower altitude on the day of my test of around 173 ktas. 5R-MDV is a mint condition aircraft meticulously maintained with the latest avionics technology from Garmin, Shadin Fuel Computer, and JPI Fuel Management Computer. Piper then hired consulting engineer John Thorpe who gave them the basic concept for an airplane they then refined into the eventually long-winded PA-28 Cherokee series, the first 140's 1877 TT A&E. The best "speed mod" out there are tip tanks -- you don't waste that 30-40 minutes landing, getting fuel, taking off, and climbing back to altitude. Top speeds of 250 mph with cruise speeds of 225mph and fuel efficiency exceeding many turbo aircraft. The Comanche PA-24-180 produced by Piper. 5 gph (58. Regular flown. I do 120-130 MPH IAS at 17" and 2100 RPM with minimal speed mods at 5000 Aircraft performance stats and information for the Piper PA-24-C 260 Comanche aircraft. I intend to make this a real pride and joy, to the extend I will be able to, and make it available to all who may be interested for download. Piper Comanche Shadin Fuel Flow Meter System. The Piper PA30 Twin Comanche is 100% X-Plane 11 compatible. COMPARE. STOL capacity. 00 Speed Splitters Aerodynamic Fairing Mod. Knots 2U is the industry leader in Comanche speed mods. Last model year of the 250, with rare fuel injection, before Piper upgraded in the 260 model. All of their products are time tested, race proven (with the results documented by such well respected publications as Aviation Consumer) and come with a money back guarantee. I fly to a number of Piper’s Comanche was designed as a high performance retractable gear single to compete with Beech’s Bonanza. If you can find a PA39 even better, if you want speed and only slightly higher costs. 1966 Piper Comanche 260B Own one of the fastest, fuel efficient, single engine planes on the market. 430 WAAS GPS The Piper PA-24 Comanche N685IP Model model aircrafts paint scheme, markings and parts are closely matched, reflecting the original Piper PA-24 Comanche N685IP Model . So far these are still available but may not be for long. If your craft is a Single or Twin no doubt you will be equally interested in obtaining additional fuel for extending your range, and in obtaining additional payload allowance of 150 lbs. As its name infers, the Twin Comanche is a twin motor improvement of the PA-24 Comanche. com Toggle navigation 1966 PIPER COMANCHE 260B • $80,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 1966 Piper Comanche 260B Own one of the fastest, fuel efficient single engine planes on the market! Equipped with manufactured speed mods and extended range fuel bladders. Absolutely beautiful aircraft! Year 1964 Manufacturer-PIPER Model-COMANCHE 250 Serial Number-24-3644 Total Time-4600 FlightRules-IFR Registration #-N787KS Airframe-4600 hrs. This listing was posted on Nov 19, 2019. Certified for Spin, make it perfect for flight training and hours-building. 18,319 aircraft listed. The PA-39 Twin Comanche C/R and PA-39 Turbo Twin Comanche are variants with counter rotating propellers. The Comanche 180 carries 60 gallons of fuel, of which 56 gallons is usable. TheHDAviation 45,856 views The two best speed mods for door to door times are as follows: 1. The Piper Cherokee Six 260 is a great and very easy plane to fly and land . February Discounts. When the clouds hang low and the fog rolls in, my hangar in Southern California seems to attract a group of pilots who like to sit around and debate such questions as why the president needs to shut down all VFR traffic at 32 airports within Piper Comanche 180 & 250 Generator Upgrades Field Approval 70 and 100-Amp Small Case Alternator Systems Alternator installation eliminates most common “brownouts”, and the associated low voltages which are damaging to gear motors and radio equipment. PA24-180 Comanche. 0 SMOH (1991 OVERHAUL) 1961 Piper PA24-180 Comanche The photos below represent the salvaged aircraft prior to dismantling. com Toggle navigation Aircraft performance stats and information for the Piper PA-24-180 Comanche aircraft. We have compiled the application data for a number of common general aviation aircraft so our customers can easily find their applicable standard Piper's first low wing single engine design, the Comanche featured a retractable tricycle undercarriage, swept back tail, flying tail or "stabilator" horizontal tail surfaces, laminar flow wing and all metal construction, a stark contrast to Piper's earlier high wing fabric covered designs. knots2u. piper comanche 250 pa24 250 c-gbyd sn pa-24-2598 aviation performance cowl stc st00345at precise flight speed brakes stc sa00233se knots 2 u gear lobe fairings stc sa1711gl lp aero one piece windshield stc sa1021ne knots 2u windshield cowler stc sa17ch knots 2u gap seals complete stc sa526gl aviation perf gear doors stc st00345at Go to: Knots 2 U (Specializing in Speed Mod's) Go to: Miscellaneous Piper Parts Go to: Windshield and Window Cleaners Go to: Special Drills for Plastic-----Special Instructions Go to: STC'd One Piece Windshield conversion instructions Go to: STC'd Pilot and Door Window installation instructions: PA-24 Comanche PA-30 Twin Comanche PA-39 Twin LoPresti has several very effective yet simple speed mods for your airplane. The notes in RED are mine. The only draw back to the PA24 has been its reputation for unpredictable flight 1963 Piper Comanche 250-The Piper Comanche is a four-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft of monocoque construction with retractable landing gear. He has authored more than 2,200 magazine articles and was the on-camera host of the 1980s TV series “ ABC’s Wide World of Flying. An unmodified, normally aspirated Twin Comanche can  The reduced drag of the cowl mod provides 7 MPH in cruise speed. LoPresti Speed Mods, GTN-750 and STEC-55X A/P SN: 32-8024030. One of a kind! Beautiful paint and leather interior. Chime In: Piper Comanche Owners. 00. PA23, PA23-160 Apache. This top-quality Piper PA-24 Comanche N685IP Model replica will surely enthral anyone who receives this stylish desktop display as a gift. Piper PA-28 Cherokee STC's. In all, a stock RG airplane with big tanks is the best value compromise imo when it comes to speed mods. The KNOTS 2U Cowl Nose Bowl upgrade for the Twin Comanche is one of the best modifications you can do to improve speed and economy. 1893 Airport Road Kalispell, MT. Visit Texas Aeroplastics online, buyplaneplaneparts. 135 knot cruise speeds on just 10 gallons per hour with a range of around 700 miles! The 180hp Comanche was the origanal version. I call it my familybus. 1Lycoming O-360A1A - 180 Horsepower - one of Lycoming"s most dependable engine every built with 167 different models. Knots to U Speed Mods Comanche 260 were built with Carburetors, Fuel Injected and Turbo. The Nose Bowls are designed to more efficiently use the air entering the upper plenum for engine cooling while Laminar Flow Systems, Inc. Browse our entire fleet! 1961 PIPER COMANCHE 250, 3772. Maintained 125kias (also 125kts GPS measured ground speed, iPhone and G430 in agreement) throughout the flight; took off with full fuel and took on 13 gallons to top off with 1. IFR Capable with ILS, Precision Approach, VOR, ADF. “While completing the engine overhaul at Arizona Air-Craftsman in 1998 and knowing my two-bladed prop was not going to pass the new AD for that series, we installed the LoPresti-designed, Hartzell-built, three-bladed, swept propeller (scimi- The Piper Comanche 400 is powered by a Lycoming IO-720-A1A engine. 4 High-Quality Hexcell Fiberglass Parts Oct 09, 2014 · The Comanche 400 proved that you can have too much of a good thing. 4 SNEW Prop, Brand New Stratus ADS-B Out Transponder & PMA6000B Audio Panel With 4 Place Intercom, EDM-700 Engine Monitor With Fuel Flow, Stec 50 Autopilot, Annual 02/19. 2-blade Scimitar. Kits include flap, aileron and rudder gap seals, gear  Speed mods include faa approved flap and aileron gap seals, gear fairings, wing tips, wing root fairings, nacelle fairings, nose bowls. The company eventually expanded into making speed mods for a wide variety of singles and twins and acquired Met-Co Aire, maker of the Hoerner wingtips that have demonstrated performance benefits. The experienced pilot had only a very small experience of the Piper Comanche. Order yours now On Thursday I had an old PA28-181 (no wheel fairings) out for a short X/C. KNOTS 2 U SPEED MODS MILLER DORSAL FIN 1966 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche Multi Engine Propeller KY, United States $104,900. Most 250s had carbureted Lycoming O-540-AIA5 engines, but a small number were fitted out with fuel-injected versions of the same engine. Great mods and in excellent shape both inside and out. Garmin, King equipped, KFC-200, WX-10, MFD, FF, Engine monitor, air conditioning , speed mods and many other extras. At one point, LoPresti claimed that a Twin Comanche with all these drag-reduction mods would cruise at 175 knots. One of the finest examples of a Comanche 250. It was not a particularly pleasant airplane to fly. 13:12. Still, the Arrow has a roomier 1964 Piper Comanche airplane for sale located in New Orleans, Louisiana. These include LoPresti Speed Merchants' "Wow Cowl" nosebowls, flap hinge fairings ("Speed Splitters"), gap seals, and "Speed Spats"-small projections aft of the main gear wheel wells that LoPresti claims reduce drag. unit is Piper Part Number 2665-2, coiled wire with seven wires is P/N 26934-0, mike switch is P/N 67463. By Staff Max level speed (knots/mph):, 165/190 Stall speed (gear, flaps down) (knots):, 55/63. This Piper Twin Comanche is a 165-knot cruiser! The 160-horsepower engines, LoPresti speed mods and Q-Tip props increase performance and efficiency to unbelievable levels. 3 in the air) at the destination. 1966 PIPER PA-24-260B Comanche - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - planephd. There are a bewildering number of modifications for the Twin Comanche. The custom instrument panel and EDM 730 engine monitor round out the package. PA-24-250 “Comanche 250”: In 1958 Piper introduced a 250 horsepower (186 kW) version using a Lycoming O-540 engine, giving the PA-24-250 “Comanche” a top cruise speed of 160 kts (185 mph; 298 km/h). … 1959 Piper Comanche 250 Fast, economical, historic and rare this Comanche 250 should be on your short list. In today's dollars these modifications would cost over $7500. Although a steady stream of aircraft had flowed from Piper’s Lock Haven, Pennsylvania plant over the preceding twenty years, by 1957 the various versions of Cubs, Cruisers and Clippers were beginning to 5/07/2010 · Piper PA-24 Comanche showing off the stunning approach into Nelson, British Columbia CZNL - Duration: 2:40. 2. 2-1. Sturgis, Michigan 49091 Tel: (269) 651-5431 Fax: (269) 651-6446 Click Here to Email Us SCS Interiors designs, cuts, and sews leather and fabric seats and sheepskin seat covers, develops Confor Foam kits and carpet and floor mat kits for Piper Cherokee, Saratoga, and many more. Comanche Owners handbook states that all the flight controls  Oct 6, 2017 - Explore sphutton's board "Piper Comanche", followed by 510 piper twin comanche Aeroplane Flying, Piper Aircraft, Eagle Wings, Camping Gifts, Civil Carbon Cub SS modifications provide a cooler engine and warmer cabin. That speed mod is significant in my opinion, close to 8 knots from the old pants. This can add 30-50mph to the average speed. $5,995. With 250Hp, the Comanche has a cruise speed of up to 160 knots. Piper Twin Comanche PA-30, PA-39 Models. Online Deal Of The Month. They include a Nose Bowl Kit, a NACA Induction System, Speed Propellers, Speed Spinners, a Radar Nose with Airbox, and Nacelle Exhaust Fairings. 1965 PIPER PA-24-260 Comanche - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - planephd. 9 Incredible low-time (engine and airframe!) Comanche. The new 77-inch diameter prop is designed for compatibility with both the normally aspirated IO-540-N1A5 and the turbocharged IO-540-R1A5 engines used in the”C” model 260 Comanche. 15 Mar 2015 We found that after-market mods turbocharging and turbonormalizing, Piper dropped a 400 HP Lycoming IO-720-A1A into a Comanche. There are no other speed mods that can let you gain 30-40 minutes on a 4-hour (700 nm) or 6-hour (1000 nm) trip. Cruise Speeds up to140kts; 980m range; Bulletproof Lycoming O-360 engine (in this case, a Lycoming factory remanufactured engine), Cabin wider than a 182 by three inches; Burns a mere 9. include Aileron Gap Seals, Flap Gap Seals, and Flap Hinge Fairings. Sturgis, Michigan 49091 Tel: (269) 651-5431 Fax: (269) 651-6446 Click Here to Email Us Piper Cherokee Warrior PA-28-151 & Warrior II & III PA-28-161 Maintenance Manual $13. on most models. In 2011's money it would cost 127,445$ to purchase a brand new 1958 technology comanche. announced today the availability of a new propeller conversion for the Piper Comanche 260C (PA24-260C). One of the most highly modified and fastest Comanche 250’s in existence! It has the Eagle XP cowling, and all the Knots 2 U mods. Speed Modifications for the Piper PA28, PA32, and PA34 Aircraft. If you own a Piper-Comanche, certainly you will be interested in improving its stability and aerodynamic efficiency. Wentworth Aircraft is the world’s largest retailer of used AUTO-PILOTS, we can outfit you with a complete S-TEC, CENTURY & TRUTRAK system for a variety of aircraft including: Piper Cherokee, Comanche, single & twin engine Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft, Bellanca & experimental aircraft. This listing was posted on Apr 12, 2020. 01 SMOH, 368. Currently, there is nothing on the market that makes sense, but technology will get there and as the waning availability of avgas Encouraged, Piper continued to develop the model into the much larger T-tailed Cheyenne III, which first flew in 1979. LoPresti Speed Mods; LoPresti Speed Mods. This plane features a 160hp Engine. 3-blade Scimitar (260, 260B) 3-blade Scimitar Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) has several very effective yet simple speed mods for your airplane. Close. Oct 21, 2016 · Jim Bradshaw, the late founder of Knots 2U, made the Piper Twin Comanche some 20 MPH faster with speed mods he designed. Aileron Gap Seal Kit Flap Gap Seal Kit Call for Pricing. Around 1981 Piper decided to change the wing on the Lance to a tapered wing. 1981 Piper Seneca III PA-34-220T Single Engine Piston Piper for Sale. With a low time Poplar Grove engine, and a Garmin 400W along with King digital avionics, this airplane is an excellent investment. It became known as the Saratoga. LoPresti Speed Merchants designs and manufactures modifications to dramatically improve the performance of Piper (Cherokee, Comanche, Arrow, Seneca, Saratoga, Lance, Cherokee Six and Seminole), Mooney, Grumman, and Cessna aircraft. Instead, the Piper Comanche was a thoroughly modern design focused on speed and good looks, and targeting the high-performance piston-single market being tapped by the Beech Bonanza and Cessna 210, among others. The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche (later PA-39) was designed as a twin-engined variant of the Piper PA-24 Comanche. Featured, Best Selling Twin Comanche Wow Cowl Mod. In 1958, Piper introduced a 250 horsepower version using a Lycoming O-540 engine, giving the PA-24-250 Comanche a top cruise speed of 160 kts 185 mph. Flap Hinge Fairing Kit Our Piper Cherokee PA-28 and Arrow PA-28R wingtips extend the wingspan of the Piper to improve handling and appearance of the airplane. By popular request above is shown a modified insert from a Piper landing gear assembly drawing showing the order of parts in this area. First hitting the market in 1958, the Piper PA-24 Comanche was a radical departure for Piper. The mod is a fairing that mounts just aft of the nose wheel well and helps the exiting cooling air turn parallel to the belly of the airplane in a smooth and efficient  This Piper Twin Comanche is a 165-knot cruiser! The 160-horsepower engines, LoPresti speed mods and Q-Tip props increase performance and efficiency to  Other: - Customized Metal Instrument Panel w/ Modernized Instrumentation! - New wiring in instrument panel - Speed Mods: Flap Gap Seals, Aileron Gap Seals  Stall speed with flap down is approximately 56 kt; stall speed clean is approximately 60 kt. Bill Cox took his first flight in a Piper J-3 Cub in 1953 and has logged some 15,000 hours in 311 different types of aircraft since. Most of these kits are FAA/PMA approved for Piper Comanche PA-24, 30 and 39 Series, Piper Cherokee PA-28 and 32 Series, and Piper Seneca PA-34 Series. ) Recently, electronic ignition has become available, too. u/LochNessWaffle. 00 show details A great family aircraft is special these days when gas and landing fees are expensive. Sep 06, 2012 · When new, standard, average-equipped Comanche 180s sold between $17,850 (1958) and $21,580 (1964). These areas are the most susceptible to damage from debris on the ground and tend to be fairly greasy. 1965 Piper Comanche. 6 adults will be no problem at all and with a gasburn of 12 gallons per hrs thats 2 gallon per hour per person. All our products are FAA approved. Piper’s first low-wing single-engine design featured a swept back vertical tail, flying horizontal ""stabilator"", all metal construction, and their new laminar flow wing for speed. Compression all over 70, runs great and should give the new owner years of dependability. Piper Aircraft ceased production of the Comanche and Twin Comanche in 1972, several years before the General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA) established specifications for the contemporary Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH). The 180 came with a carbureted 180-horsepower Lycoming O-360 engine, had a 140-kt cruise speed, and went out the door for $18,000 or so. Piper PA-24 Comanche speed modifications. Another aspect to consider regarding the future of the Comanche aircraft is the diesel engine. Who could describe the (fabulous in my opinion) Piper PA-24-260 Comanche B. 1967 PIPER Comanche 260 For Sale. And with a Piper Comanche that meant the obvious: LoPresti speed mods. 59901 Comanche 250. The non-turbo d Arrows consume nine to 12 gallons per hour, with the blown versions using around 14 GPH when pushed. 23 May 2009 Piper ranks high up there as well, with a number of significant or case of the Comanche 400, several small speed modifications including gap  1966 Piper Comanche 260B. As much as the cherokees are crude, the comanche is to the same degree a work of art especially the wing construction. Complete Logs Own one of the fastest, fuel efficient single engine planes on the market! Equipped with manufactured speed mods  Piper Aircraft Corporation started in 1927, as the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Company, became famous for its variety of speed, safety and performance modifications of the Apache, Piper Comanche 180, Piper's first truly modern airplane. LAMINAR FLOW SYSTEMS. This meticulously-kept aircraft is probably one of the nicest ones that you will ever find! This rocket ship of a Comanche was only produced for a year and a half by Piper, and remains one of the fastest non-turbocharged production airplanes on the market today. wants to extend to you an open invitation to stop in at our facilities and look us over. Total fuel capacity of 90 gals, 86 gals useable. Having been built between 1957 and 1972 regularly, this aircraft carries a lot of history and a lot of nostalgia for older pilots, but also remains an interesting choice for those of a newer General Information Registration Number: N16TW Make: Piper Model: PA-30 Twin Comanche Serial Number: 30-527 Airframe Total Time: 3,888. I always keep my ship in tip-top airworthy condition. Different serial no. 390 hours on new Hartzell 3-blade. The increase in cruising speed was minuscule when compared with the fuel flow and noise. We purpose-built this model from the ground up to take advantage of all the new features of XPlane 11: PA-24-260 Comanche 260 Custom 103: Same as Custom 93, with addition of Piper AutoControl II and V0A-4 VOR/ILS localizer converter instead of the VOA-6. from $1,699. I delight in flying with pilots in their Comanches and Bonanzas, demonstrating the true airspeed course, as printed in the June '85 AOPA Pilot and shown on ABC WIDE WORLD of FLYING video, both authored by Barry Schiff. Until then, the company had built mostly rag-and-tube taildraggers. Piper s sleek, roomy The Laminar Flow mods included flap and aileron gap seals, flap hinge fairings, main-gear speed pants, a nose fairing and fuel tank fairings. The challenging part about completing the low-wing retractable Piper AC is that they are so close to the ground the time to properly remove the old paint and metal prep can get quite time consuming. Piper claims a max speed of just over 200 ktas at the Seneca’s 25,000-foot ceiling. The beveled washers referenced are not used on the 260C, 400, and twin Comanche; those are non-beveled and a different part number. Collectively, all the mods, including the Power Flow system, cost about $8,000 plus installation. 1959 Piper Comanche 250 Fast, economical, historic and rare this Comanche 250 should be on your short list. Excellent fuel burn and speed balance. AviationFix 26,000 views. Search the entire market including Trade A Plane, Barnstormers, Controller & more. A complex light twin, with retractable landing gear, seating 4 (in original models) to 6 (in later models), and cruise speeds ranging from 160-210 mph on twin 150-160 horsepower engines, it competed with the more-powerful Cessna 310 Nov 14, 2015 · The A2A Comanche 250 Performance Specs and description. An unmodified, normally aspirated Twin Comanche can best be thought of as a 160-knot airplane. To view the various models currently available, please check out our Piper aircraft for sale for descriptions and photos or So, looking at LoPresti and Knot4U speed mods just because I have nothing better to do with my life. PA-24-260 Comanche 260 Custom 123: KIRSH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 1301 W. 1969 Piper Twin Comanche PA-30C airplane for sale located in Wilmington, Delaware. Knots to U Speed Mods Adjusted nose wheel steering angles for low-speed and high-speed turning introduced in XP11. In almost five years I have flown 900 hours, mostly for fun and The PA-24-260 Comanche seats up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. KIRSH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 1301 W. Great useful load. Included ICOM COMM/Intercom, Garmin transponder. Serial number 24-4328, Registration number N8871P. The prop conversion is fully compatible with other popular Comanche mods such as those offered by Lopresti Speed Merchants. Note: This review was originally written in 2015. Enjoy effects such as spatial 3D sound location, Doppler effects, custom interior and I'm busy with my first plane for FSX, a 1964 Piper Comanche 250. I delight in flying Yep, it's right here, Piper Part number 760-705. Piper 1961 - PA-24-180 Comanche Single Engine Piston Model: PIPER COMANCHE PA-24-180 Year: 1961 Serial Numbers: 24-2299 § 24-2843 Trend: Engine Takeoff Power: Lyc 180hp • O-360-A1A Jun 29, 2018 · The name of this great light twin rather gives the game away. 2-blade 2-blade Scimitar. TTAF Engine-50 SMOH 50 hrs SMOH on poplar grove … May 20, 2015 · N8366P 1964 Piper Comanche 250 Super S/N 24-3624 TTAF 2691. The 200-HP Piper Arrow is an unremarkable performer; the 180-HP version is, well, doggy. From what I have been told it is a great load hauler at a re sonable speed. 2-blade. At that time Piper Aircraft was only a little over twenty years old and it was obvious that the Comanche was by far the best-looking airplane that Pi-per had ever built. In 1958 Piper introduced the 250-horsepower version using a six-cylinder, horizontally opposed, Lycoming O-540 engine, giving the PA-24-250 Comanche a top cruise speed of 160 knots (185 mph). Fuel burn at typical cruise settings is approximately 15. The howl cowl is also another one that adds speed, but I consider that one too expensive for the improvement. During the mid-60's, reports of flutter issues led Piper to issue a kit to add balance weights to the rudder. I decided that with the high cost of a new airplane that a restored custom aircraft with the latest avionics, engine monitoring systems and updated gear mods could provide a good as new airplane for substantially less money. Kits include flap, aileron and rudder gap seals, gear lobe fairings, wing root fairings and more. No new instrument panel space is required for this modification. Some said to me that you need to be a very accurate pilot, with a lot of training and experience to manage to land correctly, and that it demands a lot to his pilot (as I currently have two Comanche 250's process and am working on two others. The most complete checklist in aviation, this compact-size CheckMate is ideal for the Piper Comanche 180,PA-24 180, covering each phase of flight. Piper manufacturer speed mods increase speed and lower 1964 Piper Comanche 260, 5682TT, 575 SFRM, ADS-B Compliant, Garmin GNS480, Garmin GTX330ES Transponder, Dual Glideslopes, LoPresti Speed Mods, Rosen Sun Vi More Info Airmart - Adam Mabry So all these claims of Cessna 170's flying at 170 MPH (which only has a 135 MPH VNE) with just a nose bowl clean up, Comanche's getting 40 MPH more with a speed mod or nose bowl addition or a Comanche getting 10 MPH more with the addition of speedspats spitters and splatters is not only nonsense but real Flights of Fantasy. Cruise speeds range from 130 (180-HP) to 143 knots (normally aspirated 200-HP T-tail) and as high as 170 knots for a turbocharged version flown in the teens. With the wing change came increases in speed and very docile landing characteristics. TheHDAviation 45,856 views 1966 Piper Comanche 260BOwn one of the fastest, fuel efficient single engine planes on the market! Equipped with manufactured speed mods and extende Private Seller Bismarck, ND - 1,279 mi. com for your Piper PA-24, 180, 260 and 400 Parts. The cruise speed is 185 kts, the stall speed is 59 kts, and the range is 1,000 miles. 9 Sep 2018 In 1966, Piper introduced a new Twin Comanche—the PA-30B. 22 Feb 2016 1964 Piper Comanche 250 PA-24-250. The big draw of all the Twin Comanches was the airplane’s ability to extract maximum speed from minimum horsepower and fuel consumption. That might seem a sizeable investment, especially in an airplane typically worth less than $35,000, but 30/03/2017 · The Comanche occupies its own particular place in aviation history, as it was the first all-metal aircraft built by possibly the greatest-ever manufacturer of fabric-covered aircraft; Piper. The Twin Comanche is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a retractable tricycle landing gear. Nov 01, 2016 · Jim Bradshaw, the late founder of Knots 2U (www. 6 on hobbs (probably 1. You can't even drive a bike for it. LoPresti Speed Spats are worth 4 MPH in cruise speed at 75% power. Sort by. It cruised at around 130 MPH. Call: 406-752-5092 Fax 406-752-5082. Garmin GPS (VFR). Extended range fuel bladders bring total fuel capacity to 90 gals, 86 gals useable. Extremely well cared for, currently owned and maintained by an active A&P. Many doors have suffered Applying all the possible speed mods has brought the cruise speed of a Comanche 180 to over 150 ktas and close to that of a Cirrus SR20, the latter of which has the benefit of composite construction and computer-aided design. Piper Cherokee 6/300 - Amazing Speed Mods - Duration: 13:12. 2 years ago. 12/08/2015 · (Comanche 260s had dual exhaust as a stock feature. 1966 Piper Comanche 260BOwn one of the fastest, fuel efficient single engine planes on the market! Equipped with manufactured speed mods and extende Private Seller Bismarck, ND May 23, 2009 · The top speed of the Comanche 400 is 194 knots (look it up). The Baron is a great plane and is nice to fly but wasn't twice the speed and really wasn't twice the airplane. The PA-24-260B Comanche seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. PA23-250 Aztec. Engine overhauled with 909hrs SMOH. PIPER PA-24 STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS [TABLE]Welcome to our new Shop by Aircraft parts guide. The Aircraft is also equipped with LoPresti GTO cowling and speed mods and Hartzell 3 bladed prop. Our FAA approved fuel flow meter system modifications includes the removal of the factory fuel flow unit accommodating a direct replacement. They say everything in aviation is a trade-off Well, The Piper Comanche 180 STOL is definitely the exception. The panel of this aircraft features an IFR-certified fully WAAS enable Garmin 430 GPS/nav/com, a flip/flop nav/comm. With a cruise speed of 300 knots, the aircraft was already a high performance turboprop and was faster than everything else in its class except Mitsubishi's MU-2. airplanes with higher cruise speeds have various speed-boosting mods. Safety features include, removal (or in-op) of fuel pressure lines in the cockpit. 95 Part # 761-539 $13. PA-24-260 Comanche 260 Custom 113: Same as Custom 113, with the addition of Piper Course Selector DG to replace zero heading DG. Laminar flow Piper speed Mods The first and still the best! Laminar Flow has been producing high quality Speed Mods for the Piper fleet since 1983. While it’s true that this isn’t faster than some modern singles, having the second engine is important to some owners. It will add 2 mph in cruise speed as well as 50 ft/min in climb. At the point when in generation, it was Piper's chief four/six spot light twin, supplanting the Apache 235 and situated underneath the bigger and all the more capable Aztec. Cowling Nose Bowl Set. Jul 13, 2015 · Piper Cherokee 180 Review by veteran pilot Bill Cox. Find specs, range, speed, capacity and more information for the Comanche PA-24-180 here We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. piper comanche speed mods

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